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Nargile lounge was the first restaurant in the Maltese islands offering an authentic Indian and Arabian cuisine back in 2007. Over the last 7 years, the thought and authentication that has been put into the ambience and the choice of dishes make dining out at Nargile lounge, so much more than a meal in a restaurant. Through a combination of carefully selected ingredients, the traditional music playing lightly in the background, the conventional choice of teas and the warmth of the colourful carpets and soft lighting, Nargile lounge offers the perfect setting where one can enjoy authentic dishes from all over the world within a relaxing and welcoming environment.

Our cuisine


We pride ourselves at selecting our ingredients and dishes, together with our international chefs, with the utmost of attention. Partly due to the fact that this is a family run restaurant and wanting to create a personalized service to our clients, ingredients and dishes are selected as if the dishes were being prepared for ourselves. We are constantly striving to find new and exciting ingredients which can add to the variety of our menu, whilst always remaining true to the traditions of Indian and Arabian food. As quality is also an important element for us, we do not buy our ingredients or meat in bulk but rather purchase in small amounts frequently to guarantee that our clients are getting the freshest of ingredients and in turn the tastiest of dishes. We also make our own traditional pitta bread in house which is served warm with a selection of hearty dips.


The newcomer - We also understand however, that when groups are dining at Nargile lounge there might be people within the group who are unfamiliar with our cuisine. Although we would encourage these people to try some of our dishes or ask our helpful staff for guidance in selecting dishes, we also offer a small selection of Mediterranean dishes.


The enthusiast - for that client who is familiar with our cuisine and would like to try something new or something that they cannot see on our menu, please feel free to ask us and we will be more that happy to come up with something different to feed your curiosity. If within the extensive knowledge of our chefs ... We will happily oblige.


Mild or Hot? - due to the nature of our cuisine, all of our dishes are flavoured with spice, however required spices to give the dishes taste and not those that make them hot. All of our dishes are mild in nature but should the adventurous client like to experience heat in their dishes, just point it out when we are taking your order and you can choose just how hot you would like your meal.


Special diets - our menu also caters for a selection of dishes catering for special diets such as vegetarian, gluten free and lactose intolerant. We can also cater for clients with food allergies or diabetes, upon request.

The Ambience



Situated in the heart of Marsascala and a stone throw away from the sea, we boast of the beauty of the south of our island. However once you step over the first step into Nargile lounge, you are transported into a classical Indian and Arabian setting. From our outside heated area, one is greeted by the twinkle of fairy lights and the comfortable cushioned seating area. Both of these parts of the restaurants are heated in the winter and are also smoking areas. Following the trail of colorful traditional rugs, one is led to our inside seating area with our warm colors and soft furnishings. In the summer months our outside seating area attracts the diner who prefers to eat in the light summer breeze and our inside dining area is then air conditioned, providing the perfect temperature for our clients. Nargile lounge is the perfect atmosphere for diners who just want to wind down after a busy day and enjoy their food in a warm setting. Sunday lunch also attracts a nice family atmosphere, where the whole family can enjoy the combination of our flavours.


Business lunches - although we only open for lunch on a Sunday, should you require a lunch booking for over 6 people on any other day,  we will open to cater for your group or small function, upon request.


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